About Us

Established in 2009, the Albion Community Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (ACSAPC) is a community-based Coalition developed to respond to community needs around substance abuse and its related consequences in the Albion community. The Mayor’s Youth Council also formed in 2009, supported by Mayor Joseph Domingo was developed to engage youth in learning more about city government, promotion of positive peer cultures, and to engage youth in the community in spreading positive messages around health. The Youth Council represents youth who have pledged to be substance free, and promote healthy living among their peers.
The Coalition and Youth Council along with other community partners involves reducing access to substances, preventing high-risk behaviors, promoting community awareness, connecting community resources, and providing education.  The work of the Coalition is paid for in part by funding from Kalamazoo Community Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services (Coordinating Agency for Substance Abuse Services for Calhoun County), the Bureau of Substance Abuse and Addiction Services (BSAAS), Substance Abuse Prevention Services (SAPS), Calhoun County Board of Commissioners (PA2 funds – alcohol and liquor taxes generated statewide), and other local funding sources. Substance Abuse Prevention Services (SAPS) is a licensed substance abuse prevention agency located in Albion, Michigan and serves as the fiduciary for the Coalition. Programs and services provided by both the Coalition and SAPS are focused on youth 9 to 17, adults 18 and older, families, businesses, and other community groups.

Who Should be Involved

Every community member has something to offer.  In order to effectively address substance abuse, the community needs to work together.  It is our voice, our community, and our opportunity to work together for the common good.  Please join us in this very important work. (link this to an application). I will send you soon, need to revise.

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