Who We Are

The ACSAPC (DrugFree Albion)  is collaborative body of community members that convenes monthly to address the issue of substance abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery for the Greater Albion community.


  • Joe Domingo, Chair
  • Rev. Mike Peters, Vice Chair
  • Maureen Reed, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Jennifer Cook, At large
  • Mocara Ortiz, At large
  • Jason Kerns, At large
  • Allen Henson, At large
  • Harry J. Bonner, Sr.

Members of the Coalition

Substance Abuse Coordinating Agency

  • Achiles Malta, Kalamazoo Community Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services (KCMHSAS)

Prevention, Treatment & Recovery

  • Harry Bonner, Sr., Substance Abuse Prevention Services (SAP) and Kids at Hope Youth Development Center
  • Daun Kittinger, Substance Abuse Prevention Services (SAP) and Kids at Hope Youth Development Center
  • Joe Kuchenbuck, Psychological Consultants of Michigan


  • Joe Domingo, City of Albion
  • Art Kale, Calhoun County Board of Commissioners

Faith-based Organizations

  • Rev. Mike Peters, New Hope Church
  • Allen Henson, Albion Free Methodist Church


  • Karen Williams
  • Williams Hayes


  • Eddie Williams, Albion Public Schools

Media Services

  • Catherine Kerley, Albion E-news
  • D. Chris Farmer,

Senior Citizens

  • Maureen Reed, Forks Senior Center in Albion

Health Services Advocates

  • Jennifer Cook, Albion Health Care Alliance
  • Vivian McCurdy, Maternal Infant Health Program in Albion
  • Joyce Spicer, Retired Health Advocate


  • Christeen Williams, Mayor’s Youth Coalition
  • Mocara Ortiz, Mayor’s Youth Coalition

Law Enforcement and Judicial System

  • Jason Kerns, Albion Department of Public Safety


  • Aundrea Frost Clark, Community Member

Note: This list only includes voting members of the Coalition. There are more than 30 individuals and organizations that are involved in Coalition sponsored activities. If you are interested in being involved and learning more, contact us at (517) 494-0084.

ACSAPC is housed with Substance Abuse Prevention Services (SAPS) in Albion, Michigan. For more information regarding substance abuse services in Albion, Michigan, contact Harry J. Bonner, Sr., through this form, or call (517) 629-2113, or check the website at