Coalition Mission Statement

The mission of the Albion Community Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (ACSAPC) is to plan and implement strategies that prevent and reduce youth substance use and its associated consequences through community and countywide collaborative efforts. While the focus is on youth, programs and services shall also target adults, businesses, the faith-based community, families and other targeted populations.

The work of the Coalition shall focus on

  • Identifying and addressing youth substance use in Albion while developing community-based and environmental strategies to prevent and/or mitigate the consequences associated with substance use and abuse issues,
  • Developing and strengthening community partnerships in Albion while working together to create a healthier and safer environment in the community for youth age 12 to 17 as well as all residents, as it relates to substance use and abuse issues,
  • To use data-driven decisions to create and sustain overall efforts in the community around prevention and reduction of youth substance use,
  • To provide education to all community residents regarding substance use and abuse along with the means of preventing related and associated consequences, and
  • To connect prevention efforts in the community with treatment and recovery efforts so as to provide a more holistic approach to preventing, reducing substance use and abuse issues among youth and adults in the community.


ACSAPC is housed with Substance Abuse Prevention Services (SAPS) in Albion, Michigan. For more information regarding substance abuse services in Albion, Michigan, contact Harry J. Bonner, Sr., through this form, or call (517) 629-2113, or check the website at www.albionSAPS.org.