Michigan Profile Healthy Youth

  • Youth can get alcohol from a variety of sources — peers, family members, or in the community.
  • There is a large gap between what students think is the rate of alcohol use among their peers, and what is true.  As the misperception is corrected, consumption goes down.  “Most students do not use alcohol.”
  • Rates of violence such as carrying weapons, property damage, and rape have lowered since 2010.
  • 30% of the districts 7th, 9th and 11th graders are overweight or obese.  Most students who are trying to lose weight are using healthy methods such as exercising.
  • Students with poor grades are most likely to watch 3 hours of TV per school day, or to play video games or computer for 3 hours or more on school days.
  • Having talked about sex with their parents is considered a protective factor.  A majority of students who had sex did use a condom.
  • Alcohol and other substance abuse contributes to sexual activity.

Excerpts are from the document below:
Michigan Profile of Healthy Youth:

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